Beautiful and functional design always attract site visitors.

Tailor-made web design for your internet presence, whether business, club or private individual.

A website must not only be functional, but also flexible and beautiful. By using one of the best-known content management systems, "Joomla", we offer the flexibility required for today's needs, and for those of the future. Our designs are intended to increase the attractiveness of the website and still be perfect for your target groups.

Discuss your wishes with me today. Here are our contact details for you.

I can advise you on all website issues.

With over 10 years of experience in web design, customers receive professional advice

From the first discussion about wishes, target groups and what functions the website should offer, I have the relevant experience. I also have 20 years experience lecturing to MBA students in marketing as well as the practical experience in industry, so I understand what works and what does not.

Take advantage of this experience and get in touch with me here.

Unique! The best Websites4U offer is now available.

For the majority of our customers this great package is the right solution

I've built a website which covers most needs of clubs, smes and personal sites. It can be found here: : unserverein.org

It provides a base model and so saves the initial building costs. In this way I can offer a very inexpensive solution. Check it out and then take up contact with me to discuss the fine tuning you may need.

When you're stuck, then Websites4U can offer help.

 I've been using the well-known CMS "Joomla" for over 9 years and know what I'm doing 

Joomla has been downloaded over 30 million times and as such there are a lot of websites built with it. The software celebrated it's initial release 10 years ago in 2005 and I've been using it since 2006! So I've accumulated a lot of experience, having built well over a 100 different sites with Joomla since then. And this experience I place at the disposal of anyone who has built their website with Joomla and is stuck with a problem. I've created a separate website just for this purpose at : JoomlaSupport4U.ch. You can sign up at any time and be sure of fast and comptetent help. Every minute is counted and you only pay for the time actually used.

More info available at JoomlaSupport4U (currently only in German) or via our Contact form.

We help you to manage your own website.

A website built with a content management system means that you can manage the content itself..

And I'll show you how. Through online training (or by request, on site) I can teach website administrators the basic steps to add or edit content - tailored to your own website. For this purpose, I also provide a number of training videos, available on my website JoomlaSupport4U.

A training course takes about 2 hours. Install the free software "Teamviewer" on your device, and make an appointment with me. Then, using the "Teamviewer" software and a phone, I'll show you how to do it. You can sign up for this at any time on my JoomlaSupport4U.

Software must remain current for a secure Website.

The most common reason behind a hacked website is outdated software. You can avoid this!

Any software that is connected to the Internet, is at risk from hackers. This means there are frequent updates to plug the holes which have been found. The maintenance contract I offer, monitors your site and protects you from different means of attack. For this purpose, the website software is continuously updated and your site is in a much better position to fight off attacks. Nothing is 100% safe, but through our maintenance and security measures your website has the best possible protection.

We have created a website for this service, where you can sign up for this. The site is called "Joomlasupport4u.ch" (currently only in German). Take a look at what we offer and make sure that your website isn't open to hackers.

We'll translate your website into English if required..

Your site is multilingual? If English is desired, we can help.

Since I grew up bilingual in German and English and lived in England for many years, I know the language well. Should you need to have your website in that language, I can translate the content for you. I have experience in various industries and thus I also know the relevant jargon.

As I charge only for the time spent on translation, this is usually considerably cheaper that the fees charged by a translation bureau which are generally on a per word basis. If this is a requirement you have, just get in touch with me here.

Online or at your location, we are available.

Whether you want help or advice at your location or support online, you can reach us

Many customers appreciate the personal contact with their supplier and of course I am ready to visit you on site at any time. But since my services revolve around websites, much can be discussed and resolved by phone or online. Skype is also something I use, though only at agreed times and dates.

Using the free software "Teamviewer", a lot of time and expenses can be saved. Many of my customers know this, and not just those in another country.

If you need advice, training or a website problem solving then just contact me here.

I'll support you reliably, fast and with pleasure!

I am proud of the fact that I have so many repeat customers.

And there's a reason for that: I'm dependable. Using the name Websites4U, I have been building websites for at least 10 years. Customers know me for my good advice, the beautiful designs and that I am not pushy. In addition my services provide value for money.

Learn for yourself what it's like to have me as your website partner. Just get in touch with me.