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Website design, Consultancy, Maintenance, Translations, Training and Support offered under the name Websites4U 



Websites4U, represented by David Jakob, provides services in web design, general graphic design, logo design, internet consulting, implementation of content management systems, search engine optimisation, training, online support, PC support, website maintenance, German-English translations and arranging hosting partners. The services of Websites4U will be detailed with the customer when an order has been placed.

Graphic work

When creating logos, 3 counseling sessions are included in the price (by phone or on site, as agreed). If a satisfactory result for the customer is not arrived at within the said period, either party shall be free to withdraw from the contract. The work will then remain in the possession of Websites4U.
Graphic work on completion and acceptance over by the customer will remain in the possession of the client.
Change requests, respectively, complaints must be brought within 10 days, otherwise a new contract is agreed upon.

Creation of websites

For the creation of designs and templates, 3 counseling sessions are included in the price (by telephone or on site, by appointment). If a satisfactory result for the customer is not arrived at within the said period, either party shall be free to withdraw from the contract. The work will then remain in the possession of Websites4U.

Completed sites can be tested by the customer during 10 days. Complaints and requests for changes can only be accepted within this period. Otherwise the additional work arising will be charged at the standard hourly rate of Websites4U.

For errors that occur through browser-development or CMS development, Websites4U accepts no responsibility. For the elimination of such errors, a new contract must be agreed to offset the increased labor at the standard hourly rate of Websites4U. Websites4U optimises websites for Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera and Safari in the newest versions at the time of the contract.

Arranging Hosting partners

Websites4U does not provide hosting services. Should the customer wish, Websites4U can evaluate and provide a hosting provider. For any subsequent problems, disputes or litigation with such third-parties no claims can be made against Websites4U.

Consulting / Advice / SEO

Websites4U offers various services in the field of consulting. Software evaluation, counseling for hosting and internet marketing and search engine optimization. For the implementation of the measures proposed by Websites4U by the customer, Websites4U accepts no responsibility unless the customer has placed an appropriate order. For the effect of the proposed measures, no guarantee can be given by Websites4U. In the case of any legal disputes with a third-party mediated through Websites4U, Websites4U accepts no responsibility.

Content Management System

Websites4U works exclusively with free, published under the GPL, Content Management Systems (CMS), in particular ®Joomla!. No responsibility is taken for the development of the software. For any errors (security holes, bugs, functional errors) no responsibility is taken. By handing over the site to the Customer, the Customer becomes responsible for the CMS installation and its maintenance and servicing. Should maintenance be required from Websites4U, a contract will be agreed.

For errors made in the maintenance by the customer, Websites4U cannot be held responsible. The CMS-installation can be tested and errors reported by the customer during 10 days. Websites4U accepts no responsibility for any data and information published by the customer using the CMS.


Websites4U provides training with the CMS system ®Joomla! This is part of the contract for all customers, who contract for a Website with Websites4U.

The training allows the customer to maintain and create the contents of the website delivered. Websites4U accepts no responsibility for the successes or failures of the training obtained. Websites4U does not accept liablility for the content submitted and that which the customer thereafter implements on their site.

Maintenance of Websites

The customer may enter into a contract for the maintenance of their website with the Websites4U. The conditions are negotiated separately and contractually. Details on  

Joomla CMS Support

Websites4U provides existing and new customers support for their Joomla sites. This is acquired through a subscription of 1 or 4 hours. Details on auf 


Websites4U provides assistance for problems with your PC. This is limited to Windows systems. No guarantee can be given that the measures employed will have the desired effect, since the function of the hardware and software used, heavily influences the result. The time spent for it will always be billed regardless of the success of the measures taken.

German-English Translations

The customer provides the translatable texts in electronic form. These are translated under the terms of an agreed contract. No liability for the quality of the translation as well as the contents of the original are taken by Websites4U.


Websites4U provides support for hacked ®Joomla! Websites. No guarantee is given in advance that the means employed by Webseites4U will remove all files that have been hacked. In the worst case scenario, Websites4U must delete the infected site entirely and recreate it. This is done only with an appropriate contract. No responsibility is assumed by Websites4U for the correct functioning of the site after the virus has been removed.

Placement and acceptance of orders

By placing an order with Websites4U, in whatever form this takes place, the customer accepts the terms and conditions for the duration of the entire business relationship. Changes or additions are only valid in writing. The written form requirement also applies to the waiver of this formal requirement. With the acceptance of the order by Websites4U a contract for the use of our services is implemented.

Offers / Prices / Payment Processing

Our offers are non-binding. In general, the prices published at the time of agreeing the contract on www.websites4u.ch are those applied. Rates are based on the estimated amount of time to complete the contracted task. If up to the execution of the contract cost increases occur, they will be communicated to the customer in time. The customer will have the right in this case to withdraw from an existing contract between him and Websites4U. Each offer includes an item for fine tuning needs of the customer. If the entire contract period is exceeded by more than 10% through additional customer requests, this additional expense is charged in addition using the standard hourly rate.

For orders over CHF 1'000 50% must be paid as an advance.

As a small business Websites4U offers very fair prices. It is expected that customers appreciate this and comply with the payment deadline.

The following methods of payment are accepted: payment by invoice, cash, online via paypal / credit card or by bank transfer. Basically, the 10 days payment period applies.

Rights of third parties / Data security / content

The customer ensures Websites4U, with regard to the information provided, is free from all third party claims. He is obliged to respect the copyright and rights of others, concerning the data provided to us and must have authorisation for the publication and/or changing of this data.
The customer is obliged to prepare a back up of all data, in whatever form, provided to us. Websites4U is not liable for the loss or alteration of data. Use of the services of Websites4U for pornographic or other criminal content is not allowed.
Due to the restrictive cost, it is not possible that Websites4U makes an individual examination of all data to see whether third-party claims are eligible or not. The same applies for content which is deemed to infringe the applicable laws of Switzerland. The customer is solely responsible to provide the necessary proof of the actual legality of the contents.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The information passed to Websites4U is deemed non-confidential, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Insofar as Websites4U makes use of third parties to render the services offered, Websites4U is entitled to share the customer data with the third party when this is required for contractual purposes. For the implementation of specific tasks, Websites4U needs access to the hosting environment of the customer. After completion of the work, the customer is again responsible for the maintenance of the hosting accounts.

Liability / compensation

Websites4U is not liable for the content created and published on websites we've created. Websites4U is not liable problems which may occurr through the installed software.
For the loss of data and programs and their recovery, Websites4U is liable only withinin the above limits, and only to the extent that the loss could not be prevented by reasonable precautions of the customers, in particular, the daily backup copies of all data and programs.

External Links

By the judgment made on 12 May 1998, the Landgericht Hamburg, decided that one has to be answerable for the contents of the linked site when placing a link to that site. This can - so the district court Hamburg stated - only be prevented by explicitly distancing oneself from these contents. Where we have provided links on behalf of the Customer to other sites on the Internet, as well as for all links on our web pages, the following applies: We want to emphasize that we have no influence on the design and content of linked pages. Therefore we dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked pages on the websites of our customers, and this homepage and do not adopt their contents. This statement applies to all links on our own homepage or on those of our customers!

Contract duration

Contract duration is agreed between Websites4U and customer as part of the terms of the contract. With the exception of maintenance contracts, the contractual relationship is terminated after handing over the site to the customer.

Jurisdiction and place of work

Place of work for deliverables, services and payments is invariably Trimbach. For all disputes arising from the contractual relations the court of jurisdiction Olten.

Other provisions

Contradictory clauses of the contractual partner with regard to their business or purchase conditions, is hereby rejected. If the client, for reasons that are not our responsibility, withdarws from the contract, compensation for the amount of work done by us will apply, being at least 50% of the net order value agreed.


Should these conditions include an invalid provision, all other clauses remain intact and valid nonetheless. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid one which closest reflects the economic purpose of the relevant formulation.


Trimbach, 1. Juli 2015